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Technical Programme

The Final Programme is available, with all the final information.

The accepted papers are (either oral or poster presentation):

Designing Roadmaps for the Galileo Commercial Service Platform 
Mark de Reuver; Danai Skournetou; Elena Simona Lohan 

Position Location of LTE Femtocells Deployed in a Cluster 
Muhammad Awais Amin; Sven Fischer 

Nature-Inspired Range Based Node Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks 
Anil Kumar; Arun Khosla; Jasbir Saini; Satvir Singh 

Data Decoding of the first Galileo IOV PFM satellite and joint
GPS+Galileo Positions 
Gianluca Falco; Alfredo Favenza; Mario Nicola 

The Improved TCAR by Adding Small Search Spaces 
Qinghua Zeng; Jianye Liu; Di Yang; Junwei Wan 

Utilizing Building Layout for Performance Optimization of a Multi-Sensor
Fusion Model in Indoor Navigation 
Mohammad Zahidul Hasan Bhuiyan; Heidi Kuusniemi; Liang Chen;
Laura Ruotsalainen; Ling Pei; Robert Guinness; Ruizhi Chen 

Timing-Based Location Estimation for OFDM Signals with Application in 
LTE, WLAN and Wimax 
Victor Juarez Leria; Elena Simona Lohan 

Outlier-Robust Estimation of GPS Satellite Clock Offsets 
Simo Martikainen; Robert Piche; Simo Ali-Löytty 

Design and Implementation of GPS Signal Simulator 
Jaroslaw Magiera 

GNSS Navigation Satellite Selection Criterion for Recursive Estimation 
Chong You; Bocheng Zhu 

Profiling of GNSS Receiver Navigation Software on Embedded Processor 
Tommi Paakki; Francescantonio Della Rosa; Jari Nurmi 

Attitude Determination Using the Ambiguity Filter with Single-Frequency 
L1 GPS Receivers 
Joăo Cóias; José E. Sanguino; Paulo Oliveira 

Performance Analysis of Dual-Frequency Range Estimation Methods in the 
Presence of Ionospheric and Multipath Propagation Effects 
Jie Zhang; Danai Skournetou; Wei Wang; Stephan Sand; Elena Simona Lohan 

Cost-effective Precise Positioning using Carrier Phase Navigation-Grade
Octavian Andrei 

Achievable Localization Accuracy of the Positioning Reference Signal of
José A. del Peral-Rosado; José A. López-Salcedo; Gonzalo Seco-Granados; 
Francesca Zanier; Massimo Crisci 

Asynchronous Two-Dimensionally Spread Multicarrier CDMA Ranging Signals 
With PAPR Lower Than 3dB 
Mariano Vergara; Felix Antreich; Gonzalo Seco-Granados 

Review of the Local Positioning Measurement System LPM 
Stephan Reinsch; Reimar Pfeil; Wegener Marco; Andreas Stelzer 

On the Use of Multipath Estimating Architecture for Spoofer Detection 
Khurram Ali 

Force-Directed Tracking in Wireless Networks using Signal Strength and 
Step Recognition 
Markus Völker; Johannes Schmid; Tobias Gädeke; Klaus Müller-Glaser; 
Dorothea Wagner 

Bandpass-Sampling based GNSS Sampled Data Generator - A Design Perspective 
Sarang Thombre; Jari Nurmi 

Effectiveness of GPS-jamming and Counter-measures 
Urs Hunkeler; James Colli-Vignarelli; Catherine Dehollain 

OFDM Indoor Positioning Based on TDOAs: Performance Analysis and 
Experimental Results 
Christian Gentner; Stephan Sand; Armin Dammann 

Mean acquisition time of GNSS peer-to-peer networks 
Nazelie Kassabian; Letizia Lo Presti 

A Comparison Of Transformed-Domain Techinques for Pulsed Interference 
Removal on GNSS Signals 
Luciano Musumeci; Fabio Dovis 

A Simple Heading Determination Algorithm for Inertial Sensor-Based 
Indoor Localization 
Wonho Kang; Seongho Nam; Youngnam Han 

Applying Detection Theory to Define Stopping Criteria for the Signal 
Decomposition and Parameterization Algorithm 
Marshall Haker; John Raquet 

Analysis and Modelling of MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit 
Alex Quinchia; Carles Ferrer; Gianluca Falco; Emanuela Falletti; Fabio Dovis