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Call for Special Sessions

ICL-GNSS will host a number of special sessions this year, with the format of one introductory talk of 20 minutes and 3-5 presentations of 20 minutes based on contributed peer-reviewed submissions (in total up to 2 hours). The peer-reviewed papers will be included in ICL-GNSS proceedings and the in the publisher database.

The Special Session organizers are in charge of appointing two reviewers to each of their session papers (the ICL-GNSS chairmen will assign a third one), assuring that the minimum three reviews are entered in due time, making the selection of papers according to the general guidelines of ICL-GNSS 2015 (based on review ranks, enforcing 50% acceptance rate, supervised by the ICL-GNSS chairmen), and chairing the session or nominating a session chair. In case of excessive number of high-quality submissions to the SS, some papers in the top 50% of the submissions may be allocated to the poster sessions or (if space available) to regular sessions.

Send the proposal as a single pdf or MS Word document to iclgnss@cs.tut.fi no later than January 15, 2015 February 15, 2015. The selection of special sessions will be made by end of January, and the paper submission deadline will be the same as for regular papers.

Contents of the proposal:

  • Special session title
  • Organizer(s) of the session: name, affiliation, email
  • Abstract (max 1/2 page, motivating the inclusion of the SS)
  • Proposed introductory speaker: name, affiliation, email (confirmed availability OR give two additional proxies!)
  • Plans to advertise the SS (in addition to the conference mailing list) in a few sentences or concise list. How will you ensure a good number of submissions to your SS?
  • Short bios (max 1/3 page per person) of the organizer(s) and proposed introductory speaker (+ possible proxies).

Lennart Svensson Jan Johansson Elena-Simona Lohan Henk Wymeersch
Chalmers, Sweden SP Technical Research Institute, Sweden TUT, Finland Chalmers, Sweden
TPC Co-chair TPC Co-chair TPC Co-chair General Chair