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Detailed Program - Technical Sessions

Technical session 1 - Limits on Positioning
Chair: Kari Leppänen
On Trade-off Between 5G Positioning and mmWave Communication in a Multi-user Scenario
Dileep Kumar, Jani Saloranta, Giuseppe Destino, Antti Tolli
AoA and ToA accuracy for antenna arrays in dense multipath channels
Thomas Wilding, Stefan Grebien, Ulrich Muhlmann, Klaus Witrisal

Technical session 2 - Fingerprinting
Chair: Joaquín Torres Sospedra
Mobile Station Localization Emitter in Urban NLoS using Multipath Ray Tracing Fingerprints and Machine Learning
Marcelo N. de Sousa, Reiner S. Thoma
Comparing 433 and 868 MHz Active RFID for Indoor Localization Using Multi-Wall Model
Rafael Berkvens, Frederik Smolders, Ben Bellekens, Michiel Aernouts, and Maarten Weyn
Device Diversity Effects on RF Fingerprinting Based 3D Positioning System
Syed Khandker, Riaz Mondal, Tapani Ristaniemi
Received Signal Strength quantization for secure indoor positioning via fingerprinting
P. Richter, Z. Yang, O. Tkachenko, H. Leppakoski, K. Jarvinen, T. Schneider, E. S. Lohan

Technical session 3 - GNSS 1
Chair: Fabian de Ponte Müller
Joint Tracking of Multiple Frequency Signals from the same GNSS satellite
Padma Bolla, Jari Nurmi, Dr. Jong-Hoon Won, Elena Simona Lohan
Robust initial position estimate of GEO/IGSO satellite from projection based processing of range observables
Anand S.K
Analytic Phase-screen Model for Fast Simulation of Ionospheric Scintillation in GNSS Signals
Fernando D. Nunes, Fernando M. G. Sousa, José M. V. Marçal

Technical session 4 - Localization Algorithms
Chair: Estefanía Muñoz Díaz
Minimizing Indoor Localization Errors for Non-Line-of-Sight Propagation
Mathias Pelka, Peter Bartmann, Swen Leugner, Horst Hellbruck
Localization and Tracking in mmWave Radio Networks using Beam-Based DoD Measurements
Elizaveta Rastorgueva-Foi, Mario Costa, Mike Koivisto, Kari Leppanen, Mikko Valkama
Direct Localisation using Ray-tracing and Least-Squares Support Vector Machines
Benny Chitambira, Simon Armour, Stephen Wales, Mark Beach

Technical session 5 - Industrial Internet
Chair: Helena Leppäkoski
Opportunities and Challenges in Industrial Internet of Things based on 5G positioning
Yi Lu, Philipp Richter, Elena Simona Lohan
Improved NLOS Propagation Models for Wireless Communication in mmWave bands
Krystof Zeman, Martin Stusek, Pavel Masek, Jiri Hosek
Direct Position Estimation from Wavefront Curvature with Single Antenna Array
Davide Dardari, Francesco Guidi
Applicability of 3GPP Indoor Hotspot Models to the Industrial Environments
Wenbo Wang, Elena Simona Lohan

Technical session 6 - GNSS 2
Chair: Jari Nurmi
Data-driven approach to satellite selection in multi-constellation GNSS receivers
Tero Soininen, Paula Syrjarinne, Simo Ali-Loytty, Christoph Schmid
GNSS Measurement Exclusion and Weighting with Dual Polarized Antenna: The FANTASTIC project
Daniel Egea-Roca, Antonio Tripiana-Caballero, José A. López-Salcedo, Gonzalo Seco-Granados


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